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Angel Bluetooth Interface

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The Angel offers the Bluetooth® convenience found in the most expensive aviation headsets but instead of watered-down Bluetooth® you get the most complete and convenient Bluetooth® interface available in general aviation.  Why upgrade to an expensive new headset to get Bluetooth® when you can have more functionality, convenience and upgradability with your current headset for considerably less money?  Order your Angel today and experience the difference.

The Angel is a revolutionary product that every aviator deserves to have in their flightbag and is a dramatic upgrade in convenience, safety, and enjoyment in the cockpit.  The Angel brings together the functionality of a complete aviation headset adapter solution, an E6B flight computer and more into a single sleek, sharp and impressive device that not only looks good but is also incredibly functional and convenient.  The Angel is truly in a class by itself- in fact, we believe that it’s an entirely new category of aviation device!

Control your Bluetooth® enabled MP3 player and cell phone though the easy to use interface.  Link your music player and your cell phone wirelessly to the Angel for crystal clear, stereo, high-fidelity sound right through your existing headset.  That’s right, you don’t need to buy a new headset and it’s going to sound fantastic!  The Angel is similar to the expensive Bluetooth® systems offered in high-end luxury cars- you get onscreen prompts, caller ID, phonebook support, music control, etc.  And because the Angel is fully upgradable, you will have the best performance with the latest Bluetooth® devices- unlike those expensive headsets that can’t be updated.

Using an MP3 player or other audio source that isn’t Bluetooth® enabled?  No problem, we’ve got you covered- the Angel also accepts stereo audio connections through a standard 1/8? input and there is an input for wired sat or mobile phones as well!


Easily mounted via suction cup mount to the window, or a Velcro strap to your leg, the Angel also incorporates a fully functional E6B Flight Computer that is easily operated on the full color LCD screen.  Our E6B Flight Computer offers powerful features and the most intuitive input system of any computer on the market.  And since the Angel’s screen is backlit (and auto-dimming), you will be able to see your calculations at night.  Need to time an event or keep track of fuel tank switching?  No problem, the Angel includes builtin stopwatches, fuel and approach timers with both audible and on-screen prompts.

Worried about missing a radio call?  The Angel automatically mutes the phone and/or the music in the event of a radio call.  So enjoy the sound experience without worry.

Click here to read the Angel User Manual.

Primary Features

– Premium quality Bluetooth® interface for the cockpit
– Noise-free cell phone use without fumbling to find your phone
– Caller ID, direct dial, and redial functions*
– Voice dial feature with one touch*
– Download phonebook and call list entries and dial direct*
– Stream Bluetooth® music and control with advanced control panel*
– Integrated E6B Flight Computer
– Stopwatches, Fuel and Approach Timers
– Incredible sound clarity for any audio source whether Bluetooth® or wired
– Large, full-color easy-to-read backlit screen with intuitive menus
– Long battery life with on-screen battery indicator, recharges through a standard Mini-USB port
– Output port allows recording of ATC and instructor/student communications
– Automatic cut-out with radio transmissions
– Ambient light sensor for day/night auto-dimming
– Self-powered mode allows headsets to be used away from aircraft
– Generates power required to operate most ANR headphones if no panel power is present
– 24-hour clock with date and day of the week

* Requires Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled cell phone / MP3-player with enabled protocols (most modern phones)

How it Works

The Angel interfaces between your headset and your intercom or radio.  Simply plug your headsets into the Angel and then plug the Angel into your headset jack.  The Angel will mix your audio sources (cell phone calls, MP3 player, etc.) automatically.


Safety is always number one.  Secondly, we wanted to increase the safety in the cockpit.

The Angel ALWAYS prioritizes radio communication.  Any time radio communication is present, the Angel will automatically mute the other audio sources.  There is also a ‘master mute’ button.  If this button is pressed then all audio sources other than the panel audio will be muted.  An onscreen icon is displayed to indicate that ‘master mute’ mode is active.  In addition, for the most reliable performance we have carefully designed the audio circuitry for redundancy and used only the highest quality components.

The ComLinkPro Angel could also be a big asset in emergency situations.  Recently, a plane at the local airport experienced a complete failure of its electrical system.  The engine was still operable but the radio and other electronic systems, including his retract system, were out.  This pilot had no way to contact the tower and report his condition.  He also was unsure if his gear were fully down and he had no way to contact anyone to visually verify the state of the gear from the ground.  Had this pilot been equipped with an Angel and been carrying a cell phone, he would have been able to make contact with someone on the ground.  Fortunately, even though his gear did collapse, this pilot made it out of this situation.  This pilot certainly could have used an Angel!

Audio Functionality

ComLinkPro’s Angel is the most versatile, complete, and highest-quality aviation headset adapter ever conceived.  The Angel includes the following:

– Wireless streaming Bluetooth® audio (A2DP)
– On-screen controls for Bluetooth® audio (AVRCP)
– Stereo line In (1/8? port)
– Stereo line out (1/8? port)

With the advanced Bluetooth® audio interfacing capabilities, you can stream directly from your supported MP3 player.  The on-screen controls allow you to stop, pause, fast-forward, reverse, go to next track, go to previous track, control volume, as well as display the artist, song name, album name, and track information.  Wired devices can be plugged directly into the stereo line in port on the side.  The Angel is the only device on the market that supports both wired and Bluetooth® music.

The Angel is also unique in that it allows you to use your stereo headphones in stereo mode even if your are connected to a mono panel/intercom.  This allows you to listen to stereo music in all situations!

Cell-Phone Functionality

The Angel incorporates an incredibly powerful feature set for Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled cellular phones:

– Direct dial from backlit numeric keypad
– Call answer/refuse
– Voicedial
– Contact list download (up to 8 phone’s contact lists can be stored at one time)
– Direct dial from contact list
– Call list download (dialed, missed, received, all calls)
– Caller ID with contact list name lookup
– Call waiting
– Call volume control
– Onscreen phone reception level indicator

Note: Feature support dependent on phone used.  Most modern phones support most, if not all, features listed above.

As you can see from the above list, the Angel’s mobile-phone capabilities are impressive to say the least!  The features are integrated in a logical and intuitive manner.  Anyone who can use a cell phone will feel right at home!


The Angel has been designed to be compatible with all general aviation headsets (helicopter support to be added soon).  Headsets with standard dual plugs utilize the supplied Y-cable.  Panel powered headset models that use single circular Lemo/Redel style can be plugged directly into the Angel.  The cable connecting the Angel to a standard dual plug GA panel is included (an extra length cable is available separately.)  For panel powered headsets, an optional cable is available for purchase that plugs directly into the panel mounted single circular Lemo/Redel style.  Use of this cable allows the panel powered headset power to be routed through the Angel.

ANR Power Source

The Angel is capable of providing ANR circuit power for most ANR panel powered headsets.  The Angel will automatically detect your ANR headset and activate its’ power source if required.  This means you can connect your panel mount ANR headsets directly to the Angel and have full ANR functionality even if connected to a standard dual plug GA panel!


We understand how frustrating it is to buy an electronics product only to have the product rendered obsolete by new technology within a few years or less.  That is why we made the Angel fully upgradable!

Stay up-to-date with the latest in Bluetooth® technology.  As Bluetooth® improves, so will your Angel and you can install the updates yourself!  We feel this is an important feature as interoperability improvements and new features appear frequently.  This is a big advantage over headphones with built-in Bluetooth® and other lesser products that are not upgradable.  Bluetooth® technology changes rapidly – those expensive headsets with basic Bluetooth® technologywill be obsolete sooner than you know it.   Don’t be stuck with antiquated Bluetooth® in your expensive headsets!

This also means that as we release new features and improvements to the functionality of the Angel that you will be able to get these improvements.  Have an idea for a particular improvement that you would like to see?  Let us know and we may even include it in a new software version.

Updates are free and available from our website.  All that is required to install the updates is a PC running Windows.  We even supply the USB cable!


Please feel free to contact us for questions or to place an order.


Battery Life
Temperature Range
130g (4.6oz)
18.5cm (7.3in)
5.5cm (2.2in)
2.7cm (1.1in)
15+ hours of normal usage
High quality 1700ma lithium-ion rechargeable
Full color backlit TFT LCD, daylight readable
Custom silicon rubber with light-guided-film (LGF) backlight
-20-55 °C (-4-131 °F)


1/8” Stereo Input Jack
1/8” Output Jack
1/8” Phone Jack
Panel Interface
Headphone Interface
Wireless phone and stereo audio connection
Stereo audio input for MP3, CD and video players
Stereo audio output for recording devices
Connection for legacy cell phones and satellite cell phones
Charging port and PC Interface for firmware updates
High quality push-pull connector
High quality push-pull connector

What’s In the Box

Panel Interface Cord
Headset Interface Cord
1/8” Stereo Cable
Charging Kit
Knee Strap
The highest quality aviation audio device
Connects the Angel to your aircraft using standard GA plugs
Connects the Angel to your headset using standard GA jacks
Provides a direct connection to an MP3 or CD player
USB wall charger and charge adaptor for 12V cigarette outlets
High quality elastic nylon, Velcro strap allows convenient access to the Angel

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