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ANR Headset with Bluetooth

Lynx 8001The affordable, feature packed ANR headset with integrated Bluetooth, for pilots. This is the Lynx 8001.

When we say affordable we mean $600 (introductory price). You will not find a better value headset with the same high performance and features.


Wireless convenience and less cable clutter in the cockpit. Pair your phone with the control module then place your phone in the most convenient position close by or throw it in the luggage compartment. The control module enables dialling access, address book and voice dialling functions and more…

Doors Open Operations

Note for helicopter pilots: this headset can be used with doors off and/or head out the window. Most rival and more expensive ANR systems are unable to cope with the the changing pressure and turbulent air produced when windows and/or doors are open.

Open Cockpits

This headset is suitable for use in open cockpits.

Standard Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity capable of handling up to 8 different units
  • Noise free cell phone communication
  • Caller ID, direct dial and redial functions
  • Voice dial feature with one touch
  • Stream Bluetooth music and control with the Lynx control panel
  • Integrated E6B flight computer
  • Stopwatches, fuel and approach timers
  • High fidelity sound for any audio source
  • Large full color backlit screen with intuitive menus
  • Long battery life with on screen indicator, recharges through standard mini USB port
  • Output port allows recording of ATC and instructor/student communications
  • Automatic cut-out with radio transmissions
  • Ambient light sensor for day/night auto-dimming
  • Self powered mode allows headsets to be used away from aircraft
  • Capable of powering most ANR headsets if no panel power is present 24 hour clock with date and day of the week
  • Available in High and Low impedance models

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