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ANR Kits

David Clark ANR kit installation video

Active noise reduction kits for most civil and military headsets and helmets including: David Clark®, Peltor®, Altronics®, & more...

Which ANR Kit?

See our compatibility list to determine which ANR kit suits your headset or helmet.

What is included?

We supply all installation materials to make self installation easy. All our Headsets Inc. ANR kits come with the following items:

  • ANR modules (2)
  • Crossover cable
  • Aramid speaker covers (2)
  • Standard battery box
  • Power cable
  • Installation material
  • Instructions
  • Optional Items

We always recommend using gel ear seals for best performance with our ANR kits.

  • Standard gel ear seals to suit David Clark and clones (optional)
  • Peltor gel ear seals (optional with Peltor ANR kit)
  • Helmet gel ear seals (optional with Helmet ANR kit)

Enhance your ANR Kit

Although the baseline ANR kits provide all the necessary materials, we do offer and recommend the following optional upgrades for your convenience.

  • Integrated Audio, Microphone and Power (AMP) cable
  • Auto shut-off battery box


All our kits are available in both civilian general aviation (high) impedance or military (low) impedance.
High impedance kits have a part number suffix -A.
Low impedance kits have a part number suffix -B.

Standard ANR Kit is the M-001 Kit

Peltor ANR Kit M-002 Kit

Helmet ANR Kit M-003 Kit