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ANR Module

Headsets Incorporated ANR modules

Headsets Incorporated ANR Modules (low clearance model)

The original Active Noise Reduction Module® for aviation headsets and helmets.


Designed specifically for aircraft use, the ANR module is made up of a PCB which houses the electronic circuitry to provide the active noise reduction. There are 2 speakers in the module. The first speaker is connected directly to source audio signal. The second speaker provides the anti-noise (ANR) signal and additional voice audio to boost the signal by 2dB. Thats about a 50% boost on the voice signal.

This superior method of active noise reduction provides a robust and reliable, aviation grade solution to provide hearing protection and increased voice clarity in the high noise and loud environment of aircraft cockpits.


The ANR module(s) are powered by 9 volts. This is provided by a 9V battery or a panel adapter which gains power from the aircraft electrical system. Both of these methods provide the ANR module with a stable, noise free, power supply. With the 9V battery, the power supply is isolated from the aircraft electrical system, which can often be a source of electrical noise heard through the communication system. The panel adapter acts as a regulator to reduce the aircraft system voltage from also acts as a filter to provide a stable power supply.

If the battery becomes flat or power supply fails, you will still hear audio but without active noise reduction or the voice boost. The headset will revert to acting like a passive headset.