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Helmet ANR Kits

Alpha Flight Helmets

Alpha flight helmets use our M-002 ANR kits for DIY installs or M-001 modules for our professional installations and also include gel helmet ear seals. We have done many Alpha Eagle helmet installations. These helmets are suited to either our helmet gel ear seals or Oregon Aero ¾ inch depth ear seals. Due to the depth of Oregon ear seals, you will need extra space inside the helmet to loosen the straps to prevent over pressure of the ear seals to your head.

Gentex Helmets

Gentex helmets use our M-001 ANR kits.

Gallet Helmets

Gallet helmets require our helmet ear cups to be installed with the M-001 ANR kit. The original ear cups are not compatible with our ANR modules.

Other Helmets

Custom installations into other brands of helmet is available on request. Most helmets can be modified for the installation of our ANR system.