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Sennheiser S1 Digital ANR Headset

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Sennheiser S1 Digital ANR HeadsetNOW AVAILABLE at $1195

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This headset is one of the most comprehensive of any that we’ve seen to date, and we are picky about what we sell. To see more details about the S1 visit Sennheiser Australia, or view the  facebook page.

Don’t just take our word for it,  download the S1 user manual or take a preview of it. You can also read the Plane & Pilot magazine review on the Sennheiser S1.

The S1 DIGITAL aviation headset incorporates the latest in digital technology. Featuring NoiseGard™/digital noise compensation and excellent passive noise attenuation, the headset is currently the only one on the market that provides optimum protection against cockpit noise over the entire frequency range. The S1 DIGITAL has been designed for use in noisy one and two-engine propeller aircraft and helicopters.

The headset is characterized by its high-quality appearance and offers outstanding wearing comfort. With ear pads specially designed for wearers of glasses, a contact pressure that is individually adjustable and a two piece headband, the headset is always comfortable to wear even on long flights. In addition, the headset has been designed with an emphasis on well-balanced weight distribution.

Bluetooth logoThe S1 DIGITAL complies with the new Bluetooth 2.1 standard. Via its Bluetooth interface, it can be connected to a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth wireless technology allows the S1 DIGITAL to communicate with your Bluetooth enabled device (e.g. mobile phone, MP3 player, PC or PDA) within a range of up to 10 meters.


• Pilot’s headset with NoiseGard™/digital, offering digital adaptive noise compensation

• Superb passive noise attenuation

• Extremely comfortable to wear due to adjustable contact pressure and ear pads specially designed for wearers of glasses

• Well-balanced low weight

• Foldable ear cups

• Excellent audio quality

• Crystal clear speech intelligibility due to 3-step treble boost/equalizer function

• Peak level protection safeguards your ears from volume peaks above 110 dB

• Control unit with Bluetooth technology for controlling audio devices and mobiles phones

• “Auto shut-off” extends battery life

• Power supply for NoiseGard™/digital via on-board DC power supply system (optional)

• Fail safe operation – the headset can be used as a conventional, passive headset in case of power failure

• Made in Germany

• Microphone BIAS – independent power supply for your headset allows for communication outside the aircraft