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Fitting Your Aviation Headset

I can’t count the number of times I’ve noticed headsets being worn incorrectly. This causes 2 problems: discomfort and additional noise in your ears. It may take a minute to get perfect but its well worth the time spent to get it right.

For circumaural headsets, adjust the headband so that all parts of the ear seal remain around your ears. The top part of the ear seal should remain close around the top of your ear, but not pressing on any part your ear. Although undesirable, some smaller ear seals types may lightly touch the sides of your ear. Often, users have the headset adjusted too small, leaving the ear seals located too high above the ear. This means the bottom part of the ear seal is left sitting on the ear lobe or the lower part of the ear. Due to the contours in this area of the lower ear, ear seals will often have issues moulding to the area to seal out noise.

One quick way to check, is by running one a finger under the ear seals and feel for where your ear is located in relation to the ear seal. You’ll feel if the ear seal is touching the top  of your ear so I tend to make the ear seal touch the top of my ear, and then back it off a little. At the bottom of your ear its a bit harder to notice if the ear seal is sitting on or around your ear, so I check the bottom and the rear side of my ear using my finger under the ear seal. You’ll learn quickly whether or not the ear seal is positioned correctly around your ears.

Most headsets will have a tightening nut or a thumb nut on each side of the headband. David Clark headsets are left with enough friction to remain fixed on your head, but are easily adjusted by hand when no side pressure is applied. This friction can be adjusted with a small spanner if needed or required. Others with thumb nuts can be tightened by hand if needed. Ultimately, you don’t want to have to readjust your headset once you are settled in and ready for take off.

We only recommend using circumaural headsets with ear seals designed to fit around your ears due to their passive noise reduction performance. This is particularly important and a great backup in case you loose power on your active noise reduction (ANR) headset or unable to use ANR for any other reason.