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Aviation Headset Repairs

We repair all brands of aviation headset. Prices start at $25 and we will provide a free quotation before we begin work.

Once we receive your headset we will give you a full report on its serviceability. If anything requires repair that you don’t already know about, we’ll let you know immediately. When we carry out a full repair you can assured that you get the proper performance and comfort when using your headset.

If you’d like your headset repaired please complete the repair request form below. Once sent we will email you the address to send your headset and other relevant details.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (outside of  Australia)
We do repairs for international customers but please remember we are based in Sydney, Australia and shipping/postage charges should be taken into consideration along with the cost of repair and the current value of the headset to determine if a headset or helmet is beyond economical repair. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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