• EM1 ANR Headset

The model EM-1 is a very quiet and comfortable headset assembled entirely in the USA. It offers greater than 18 dB of low-frequency noise attenuation, as well as amplifying the incoming audio signal to deliver a rich, high fidelity audio sound. Nothing in its price range can match the EM-1 in quality, comfort and performance. It comes standard with a natural wool fleece "comfort top" headband plus silicone-gel ear seals for outstanding comfort.

The EM-1 features:

  • Conservative dark green ear cups
  • Oregon Aero SoftTop padded natural wool fleece headband
  • Gel ear seals
  • Flex boom microphone (easy to position in a comfortable, economical position)
  • Individual volume controls for each ear (on the ear cup)
  • Switch on the cord for mono or stereo audio modes

EM-1 technical Specifications:
General data

  • Weight: 21 oz.
  • Operating voltage: 7.5 volt minimum, 10.0 volts maximum
  • Battery life: Typically 15.0 hours on a 9 volts battery
  • Noise canceling bandwidth: 20 Hz through 800 Hz

Earphones (audio)

  • Impedance: 300 ohm in stereo mode, 150 ohm in mono mode
  • Rated input power: 100 mW nominal, 200 mW maximum


  • Type: Noise canceling electret cartridge
  • Frequency response: 300Hz ~ 6 KHz
  • Impedance: 1K ohm
  • Operating voltage: 8V to 16V DC
  • Current drain: 5mA

ANR modules are made of softer material for better noise absorption/reduction. The ear cups are rubberized for the same reason. A separate battery box is used and shares a cord with mic/phone jacks, eliminating the need to unite 2 separate cords. The cords are heavily reinforced at the attach points to avoid wear or breakage. The cords separate at the end so you can find a convenient place to stow the battery box in the cockpit. Optional power sources allow the EM-1 to be powered by the aircraft’s electrical system, or a 9V battery. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

30 day money back guarantee!

EM1 ANR Headset

  • $640.00

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